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Our Investment Services

It is never too soon to begin saving for your child's education and while you may feel that putting off your retirement for a few years is an acceptable trade-off, you should not have to sacrifice your retirement savings to put your children through college.

College Savings

Fixed Income

Bonds provide investors with a wide range of investment opportunities than can complement a portfolio. Also known as fixed income investments, bonds are loans investors make to issuers.

Planning for unforeseen events is one of the most often overlooked aspects of financial planning. Just one unfortunate event can quickly erode the value of your financial plan if you do not have appropriate insurance.

Insurance Strategies

Successful investing involves time and discipline as well as a carefully selected balance of investment vehicles. Asset management is one of the most important investment strategies.

Asset Management

Estate taxes can deplete up to 50 percent of your total estate. Taking appropriate steps to develop a sound estate plan can provide for effective preservation of your wealth and transfer of assets to your loved ones.

Estate Planning

With life expectancies increasing, many people spend up to one-third of their lifespan in retirement, so it is essential for you to put your investments to work in preparation for those years.

Retirement Planning

Comprehensive investment experience and services.

At Gundrum Insurance & Investments, LLC, we understand that your financial situation and goals require a customized approach to investing, and that your investment objectives can change over time. Whether it is saving for your children's college education, financing a business, or planning for retirement, we offer the financial planning, resources and ongoing management with the goal of helping you succeed in your personal and business life.services, safety, and security you find elsewhere.