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Commercial Insurance

Due to the varied nature of the many types of businesses we can cover there is no one set of questions we can list to get you a quote. Please call us or use the "Request a Quote" button. If sending us an email list your name, your business name, phone number, years in business, your current insurance company, renewal date and the best time for us to contact you.

Designed to cover loss of net income and continuing expenses as a result of a covered property claim such as a fire. This coverage is usually added to a property insurance policy.

Business Income Insurance

Coverage designed for vehicles owned or operated by a business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Generally this is coverage for property that moves between locations. Good examples of this would be contractor’s tools or cargo transported by trucks. This coverage is usually written in conjunction with a property, liability, or commercial auto policy.

Inland Marine Insurance

This is a policy that provides coverage for injuries to employees as a result of performing job related duties. Coverage for medical bills, lost wages and lump sum payments for serious injuries or death are provided. This coverage is required by state law for employers paying over $500 in wages to employees during a calendar quarter. The state has a nine point test to determine whether the person you pay is considered an employee or is an independent contractor for worker’s compensation purposes. Failure to follow the proper rules can result in significant fines by the state. The premium is based upon wages paid to employees with the state setting the rates for each job category.

General Liability Insurance

This insurance provides coverage for injuries or property damage caused to others as a result of your business operations. Coverage extensions such as employment practices liability, errors and omissions, adding additional insured’s and many other optional coverages can be added based upon the specific needs of each business.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Generally this coverage is written on buildings and business personal property that is kept at a specific location. Some minor off premises coverage is frequently provided. Extensions tailored to your business needs such as ordinance or law, equipment breakdown and many other types of coverage extensions are available.

Property Insurance

Business insurance requires an analysis of the risk exposures that relate to each business. Special plans are available for contractors, local trucking, apartments, condominiums, retail stores, offices, taverns, restaurants, wholesale, manufacturing and many other types of businesses. Typical types of commercial policies are as follows: