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Health  Insurance

Under the new law as it is currently written, no new applicant will be turned down for any reason.  Short Term Health Insurance can be purchased for those between jobs or waiting for employer benefits to start.

High Deductible plans that are compatible with a Health Savings Account are available. The money placed in this type of savings account is tax deductible and can be used to cover the high deductible without losing the deduction. Other plans have various deductibles to choose from with 80% co-insurance and include Co-Pays for doctor office visits and a Prescription Drug card. Rates are based on age, whether you smoke or not, and general health conditions.

These plans are underwritten and a serious pre-existing health condition can result in the company not issuing a policy. Dental, Vision and Life Insurance can be included in these plans.

The new Health Care Reform Law becomes effective on January 1, 2014.

Group Health Insurance

* The above descriptions are generalizations and should not be relied upon when determining coverage. You must refer to actual policy wording when determining whether or what type of coverage applies

Group Health for an employer with at least one employee is also available and Dental, Vision and Life Insurance plus Short Term Disability Income can be included. Small groups of ten or less are underwritten for rating reasons but can’t be turned down due to an individual’s health condition