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Disability Income Insurance

Critical Illness Cash Plan

* The above descriptions are generalizations and should not be relied upon when determining coverage. You must refer to actual policy wording when determining whether or what type of coverage applies

This plan pays cash to you or your designee if a covered person is diagnosed with a covered critical illness. You can use the cash any way you wish. Types of illnesses are Heart Attack, Strokes, Bypass Surgery, Cancer, Major Organ Transplants, End Stage Renal Failure, Loss of Sight or Speech and Permanent Paralysis due to an accident. You can choose any amount between $5,000 and $50,000.

Disability Income Insurance provides coverage for loss of income should you be disabled by an injury or illness that would prevent you from working. These rates are based on your age, occupation and annual income.

There is commonly a 30 day waiting period for benefits to begin and a choice of the benefit period of one year, two years, five years or to age 65.

A retroactive injury benefit option can be added that would provide coverage from day one if the disability is caused by an accident.

Disability Income Insurance is especially important for employers who are not covered by a Worker’s Compensation policy.