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Homeowners Insurance

There are many issues that need to be considered when properly tailoring a homeowners policy to fit your specific needs. We are here to help you.

Liability Coverage

* The above descriptions are generalizations and should not be relied upon when determining coverage. You must refer to actual policy wording when determining whether or what type of coverage applies

Generally medical bills of others are covered for on premises injuries even if you are not considered liable.

Medical Payments

Provides protection should a nonresident be injured on your property as a result of your negligence. Also provides liability protection for accidental injuries that family members may cause off premises. Dog bites constitute approximately one third of these claims. Defense cost coverage is included but would cease if the policy limits are paid.

Personal Liability

Provides coverage for additional living expenses incurred when your home is not inhabitable as a result of a covered loss.

Loss of Use

The starting point for this coverage is what is referred to as named peril coverage. Major named perils include fire, lightning, wind, smoke, vandalism and theft. Many other minor coverages are included. This coverage can be expanded to all risk subject to exclusions for an additional premium. There are significant limitations on money, jewelry, guns and business equipment. No coverage is provided for autos, motorcycles, or motorized recreational vehicles under a homeowners policy.

Personal Property

Most policies are written under the HO-3 format which provides what is referred to as all risk coverage subject to exclusions. Some of the major exclusions include damage caused by flood, earth movement, water leaking into basements, settling and cracking of foundations and walls, war and nuclear reaction. Another exclusion is for backup of sewers and drains and overflow of sumps. Special coverage can be added to provide this protection.

Home and Other Structures

Property Coverage

A broad package of coverages designed for people who both own and occupy a home. Protection is provided for the home, related outbuildings, personal property and loss of use. Protection is also provided for personal liability claims. Generally a deductible applies to the property coverage but not to the liability coverage.