Wire Transfers


Checks should be made payable to: 
"Pershing, LLC FBO: JF8xxxxxx" (this is your 9 digit account number)

Endorse the check on the back as follows: 
"For Deposit Only, Payable To Pershing LLC FBO: JF8xxxxxx"

Mail the check to our office address:
Gundrum Insurance & Investments, LLC
101 E. Washington St.,
Slinger, WI 53086

Checks must be in US dollars and drawn from a US bank. When the check is deposited, the funds are held for 7-10 business days before any withdrawals can occur but may be used immediately for investment within the account.

The following checks cannot be deposited and will be returned:

Checks drawn on a foreign bank and/or in a foreign currency
Cashier's Checks

Sending Money to Your Account

Your First Allied Securities, Inc. account number is in the form of a nine digit number starting with "JF8". This is the number you should always use to do wire transfers into the account, stock certificate deposits, etc.

If you will be using ProCash Plus, you will also receive a 12-digit number for your checking account. This is different from the debit card and the "JF8" account number. This number can be found on the bottom of your checkbooks after the routing number "044000804". You will need to give this number to your employer for salary deposits.

Once the account is opened, you can call us to obtain the above numbers. They cannot be sent by email due to security concerns.

Account Numbers

Investors resident in the US can setup IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) and the assets can be invested in stocks, mutual funds or in managed portfolios as above. Annual fees are $40 per year and there are no minimums

Ira Accounts

Several styles and risk levels of managed portfolios are available. Depending on the risk you are willing to take, your investment objectives, and financial needs, we can make recommendations for suitable investments, monitor your investments, and manage them on your behalf.

A managed account means that a money manager manages the account for you without having to contact you for each transaction. The money you wish to invest in such a managed account will be kept separate from your ProCash Plus Account so that there is no confusion.

Typical minimum portfolio size is $50,000.

Managed Accounts

The ProCash Plus Account is designed to provide integrated financial services and enables your First Allied Securities brokerage account to include debit card and checking services. Salaries may be deposited directly into your ProCash Plus Account. The debit card can be used for cash withdrawals at local ATMs as well as purchases made with merchants worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted. Your account will be assessed a non-refundable annual service charge of $275. The charge reduces to $175 per year for active accounts (clients who meet certain thresholds of trading or advisory account fees).

Our focus is to assist you with investments and provide advice. Offering financial services such as checking and debit cards are only secondary to our main business of investments.

Normal stock, mutual fund and options transactions are effected in your First Allied Securities, Inc. brokerage account, to which the ProCash Plus Account is connected. These transactions are reported under a separate section in the monthly statement, and you will receive a confirmation for each transaction.

ProCash PLus Account (Brokerage and Debit Card/Checking)

At Gundrum Insurance and Investments LLC, we offer several types of accounts.

Types of Accounts

You can fax or mail us address change requests. Note that all account holders must sign the request..

Address Change

Please download and view the FASI Fee Schedule for a complete list of account fees.

Account Fees

We have put together a quick review of your account's operations. Here you will find information on account fees, address changes, type of accounts, account numbers, and sending money to your account.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to assisting you in meeting your long term financial goals.

Account Operation

Please contact us for wire transfer and ACH - Direct Deposit information

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